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Gordon and Malcolm would like to welcome you to the Eggleston Hall Gardens web site. We have resisted the pressure to enter the internet era for long enough and hope the many customers who visit the gardens from distant counties may find a pleasant memory or two is re-awakened in their souls. For those who have never travelled our path we would like to provide you with a little information about ourselves and the gardens here on 'The roof of England.' Teesdale is a beautiful area, the high fells of the upper dale are a wonderful backdrop to the top half of the gardens. Here the climate can be harsh during the colder months of winter, wind and rain can whip your skin and penetrating frosts can nip your bits and pieces right back. Hares turn white, conifers change colour and monkeys look for plumbers! This climate naturally selects out weaker stock, making Eggleston plants, hardy plants!

Our nursery stock is derived from various sources and methods. Budding, grafting, division and seed sowing, are the most common. Seed in particular is gathered from around the world and many new species trialed each year. First and foremost we are plantsmen. Selling plants is a means to an end. It helps fund our desire to find new and interesting species for the future. We desire no other way of life, it is an obsession and we hope you will share our passion for the wonderful world of plants.

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Plantsman's Corner
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