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The Plant Hunters...1851-1902

24th August, 2008

The Plant Hunters...1851-1902
In 1877 Charles Maries was sent to Yokohama, Japan by the Veitch nursery of London, where he spent the following three years traveling between Japan and China collecting seeds and plant specimens, 500 of which he sent back live from Japan alone, amongst which were Abies mariesii; Actinidea kolomicta; Schizophragma hydrangoidies; and Iris kaempferi.

Like all the plant hunters he experienced much discomfort and annoyance, not least of which were shipwreck, robbery, and an earthquake. It is believed he died in India of a kidney stone at the age of 51. Charles Maries was not one of the better known adventurers, however in my opinion his contribution by way of plants was one of the most significant and varied, consider also alongside his climbers these three beauties, Enkianthus campanulatus; Hamamelis mollis; And one of my favourite shrubs Viburnum plicatum mariesii.......A fine testament indeed. I have no picture of the man unfortunately so I'll add an image of the viburnum.

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