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Finn & Tucker

10th September, 2011

Finn & Tucker
You really don't want to suffer a spoonerism with these names.......I have occasionally called Finn 'Tin" but not yet called Tucker "Fucker".....except when his house training appeared to be taking a step backwards.

These 10 week old pups can be no replacement for Molly, mainly because she's not dead yet, just sleeping more and semi-retired from vermin fact she actually let three children past her last week without the slightest hint of a matter as I have taken to growling at them myself until the pups are of an age to take over. I would like to know when children became "young people" and who the fucking arsehole that coined the phrase was, and could they have a suitably large & knobbly prizewinning King Edward spud wedged up their bum. I happily volunteer to do the wedging. Our society seems to have not only removed childhood and sexualised our kids, but even taken their childhood away in name. Children are children, they are not young people.

Anyway, my summer break is now over and I shall write the occasional journal once again as there is much to write about. All things at Plantsmans Corner are about the same and we are taking on a new partner at Eggleston Hall Gardens to join myself and Roy Long. We have not had to look very far as it will be young Robert Morrell who has been with me since before leaving school. I am pleased about this as he has grown up now and very worthy of the break, though he may not think so in a year or two when we have no money coming in because the country is broke......we'll just have to rent him out as a brood stallion I suppose.

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