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Pink Agapanthus???

15th November, 2010

Pink Agapanthus???
This is a beautiful flower, you could almost describe it as a pink agapanthus, which is a touch unsurprising when you consider they both hail from South Africa. I was once told by a very insistent lady that it actually 'was' an agapanthus, no matter how much I explained it wasn't she kept right on insisting it was, in the end I gave up and sold her the plant as a rarity for twice the price.

Nerine bowdenii was introduced in 1889 and the light pink flowers are enhanced by a dark pink central line producing a lovely two-tone effect. They flower late in the year, with me here in North Yorkshire and across the river in County Durham, blooming begins in September and continues well into November, only eventually succumbing to the first hard frosts. I find here in Northern parts they do well at the base of a wall, seemingly thriving in the drier ground of a South or East facing aspect. It is a plant I rate highly, and though not to everyones taste, the pink is at least not the shade of cheap faded underwear, I for one would always seek to keep a specimen in my own garden.....Nerines that is, not knickers.

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