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10th February, 2011

This is a lovely little plant, something of a short lived perennial but certainly one for the blanket term of "Cottage garden" which considering it was introduced into Europe around 1596 would have been at a time when the "cottager" was a genuine coutryman earning his livelihood from the environment in which he lived and worked. Obviously this is not the case today, those that live and work in their village at traditional crafts could not afford a cottage. These are now generally for middle class folk, and their notion of a cottage is one of rosy cheeked children happily playing around a roaring fire, not one of pissing rain through the roof, a force eight gale blowing through the rafters and a toilet at the bottom of the garden with a bucket of moss to wipe your arse with.

Catananche caerulea has a beautiful little rich blue flower and papery bracts atop neat clumps of narrow leaves, it can be dried and is quite prolific. Easy from seed there are also a white and bi-coloured forms. The common name is "Cupids Dart" and grows best in full sun.

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