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A Good Year for the Roses

18th February, 2011

A Good Year for the Roses
Another indicator that spring, and probably two foot of snow is on the way, is the arrival of the David Austin's rose delivery at Eggleston Hall Gardens. We have about 1200 to choose from this year and all the varieties were chosen by Roy Long so I am abdicating from any responsibility for the selection we offer. The price is set by David Austin at 14.99 for most and 15.99 for a few newer or more modern varieties. I have always thought this expensive, however, the one year I stopped doing them I got nothing but earache from customers all season long. People are happy with their presentation and like to buy them as presents for friends and relatives, last year we sold out by mid June. So having learnt the lesson of not making assumptions as to fellow gardeners generosity I remain well admonished and put in my place.

We will continue to offer as wide a range as we can possibly afford.

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