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Delphinium "Olive Poppleton"

26th June, 2011

Delphinium "Olive Poppleton"
While this selection of five is in no particular order, if I had to choose just one delphinium for my garden it would be Olive.

This plant has both the clean white and the thoughtful ivory cream, a colour with depth. Here together in one massive head of flower I find them highly this image you'll see the red from Lychnis chalcedonica picked out and contrasted nicely. I am not sure if you'll be able to see the white WBC beehive against the wall in the distance, but I am particularly proud of this image, it has everything a small snapshot of an English Cottage Garden border should have....the promise of life, pollination, and a cycle of seasons through the beauty of flowers, foliage, and bees....they all go together so well, so simply, and so honestly that it is a privilege to be working amongst such stuff....there is so much shit in the world that a momentary picture like this can take ones mind to places much more conducive to good health, be it physical or mental.

I am now off to bed to scratch my knackers, think of Olive and finish this pint of Brakspears Oxford Gold....a fine beer indeed.

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