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From Where The Sun Shines..

16th July, 2011

From Where The Sun Shines..
My dog Molly is getting old. The mind is willing but the body just wont follow through on the chase, she tries her best bless her, but at 12 she is just that yard or two short.....

I am likewise getting on, sometimes the motivation just ain't there! Plans, designs, and projects continually flood my thoughts but after 24 hours to mull matters over it's seemingly more often a case of "Oh fuck it, why should I bother" or "I really don't need to do this".....

With Moll the answer is simple.....Just get another pup to help her out. New legs and an old brain.

With me it is perhaps likewise a time to crank back somewhat and let some new legs take the strain. I think the next twelve months could well be a time of transition and consolidation for both of us, I need to consolidate down into what I do best. Growing plants. To this end it may be necessary for a much lower profile at the nurseries and a settling down into semi retirement. Both Eggleston and Plantsmans Corner are up and running now with good reputations and the right people to take things forward, all I need do is offer guidance and advice while fiddling on with my ideal life I think.

As for Molly......She's a profesional cutie....everyone thinks the sun shines out of her arse anyway, whether she catches rats and rabbits or not. No doubt she'll continue to charm everyone and scrounge grub wherever she goes. I however will always have to sing for my supper in one way or another....The songs may just get shorter.

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