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Malcolm Hockham

Malcolm Hockham has for 12 years been one half of the renowned horticultural partnership with Gordon Long at Eggleston Hall Gardens, and is probably one of the best known horticulturists in the North of England. Although brought up at the foot of the South Downs in West Sussex, northern gardeners have not held this against him!!

Trained to HND standard and with a background that also came through the "Big house" circuit during the seventies, Malcolm's knowledge is both practical and technical and always put across in a "no messing" direct and humorous manner. He has appeared on various BBC local radio programmes, BBC Gardeners World, written for the RHS garden magazine and numerous other publications, addressed countless audiences in garden societies, etc. throughout the region and presents a weekly two hour gardening show for Radio Teesdale. A specialist in various types of propagation "Plantsman's Corner" along with Eggleston Hall Gardens is very much the final chapter in a life dedicated to gardening and the growing of beautiful plants.


Malcolm Hockham"The plants should speak for themselves." A statement I stand by, for throughout my years at Eggleston Hall Gardens I have learnt one lesson above all others "Let the plants do the talking." No amount of frills, sales patter, or garden hardware can compensate for a crap plant whether badly grown or simply not gardenworthy. In this selection, Hollies, Maples, and Dogwoods feature strongly. All three differ dramatically yet accomplish such presence in a garden. Put aside any hesitation, be bold and embrace a little patience, they have so much to commend them throughout the gardening year that I would not create a garden without the presence of at least two from this "golden trinity" of plants.

In putting together this selection I have chosen plants to propagate and grow based on personal preference and forty years experience. All should serve your garden well and provide years of beauty and interest if looked after and cared for, there are omissions of course, not because I regard them less, but simply because space and time dictate a restricted selection. What is included is quite superb "Plants for Plant lovers."

Plantsman's corner has become my swansong to the horticultural world, after this there is nothing more to be said by this particular gardener 'til I greet that old bugger with his scythe. I offer my gratitude and thanks to all who have accompanied me along the way and for the undemanding beauty of the plant kingdom. Special thanks to Jane for her friendship over so many years, Gordon for simply being Gordon, and of course my wife Lisa for her help, commonsense and even temperament, I have been rich in treasures indeed.

Malcolm Hockham

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