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Cedrus deodora 'Roman Candle'

Cedrus deodora 'Roman Candle' ()

Common Name



Any good garden soil


Sun or partial shade



Action and Timing

White needles in the spring. A large, beautiful, and stunningly weeping tree of great effect as its habit adds movement to a garden. The new growth on this variety is white, this really does make it look like a Roman Candle in full glorious sparkle, only this firework in the landscape lasts for many weeks before gradually turning green. A real cracker....pardon the pathetic pun.

Nursery Notes

Grafted plant.


Absolutely fantastic spring colour to the new needle growth. After this it can look a tad tatty as the white begins to green up, however the effect in spring is worth it

This plant was added to the database on 28th December, 2009.

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