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Cercidiphyllum japonicum

Cercidiphyllum japonicum (Katsura Tree)

Common Name

Katsura Tree


Good fertile soil in in the neutral to acid range


Sun or partial shade


12ft - 15ft upwards, depending on fertility.

Action and Timing

A deciduous small to medium sized tree noted for its gold and red autumnal foliage and the simultaneous distinctive aroma of the leaves.

Nursery Notes

Relatively easy to grow from seed, however selected clones like my own 'Lisa Anne' need to be budded or grafted onto seedling rootstocks.


I once grew 500 seedlings and selected out the best one for colour and scent. This I called 'Lisa Ann' after my wife....a particularly sick inducing gesture brought about by needing to garner a few brownie points....It didn't work but the plant is quite superb. As the leaves change colour and fall in the autumn the scent of Cercidiphyllum permeates the surrounding area, it has been described as burnt sugar, toffee apple, or candy floss, whichever it is too you it is a plant no reasonably sized garden should be without.

This plant was added to the database on 14th December, 2009.

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