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Cornus 'Norman Hadden'

Cornus 'Norman Hadden' (Dogwood)

Common Name



Neutral to acid, not shallow chalk


Sun or partial shade



Action and Timing

Semi - evergreen small tree with white bracts that turn dark pink. Autumn foliage colour is pink, red and yellow often also with heavy crops of strawberry like fruits. Mature plants often develop peeling bark.

Nursery Notes

Really needs grafting, though I have had some success with air layering in recent years though this is a fanny on to be honest. Budding also useful. Norman Hadden is very hardy and reliable.


A quite outstanding small tree (or large shrub if you wish. The bracts (flowers to most) start white and speckle up in pink before becoming entirely pink. The autumn colour is stunning, and the fruits are attractive, thanks to its cornus capitata parentage. It is quick to grow and easy to look after. A thoroughly excellent plant.

This plant was added to the database on 20th December, 2009.

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