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Metasequoia 'Goldrush'

Metasequoia 'Goldrush' (Golden Dawn Redwood)

Common Name

Golden Dawn Redwood


Any soil, even relatively waterlogged


Full sun


No idea, probably 50-70 ft eventually

Action and Timing

Golden deciduous foliage.

Nursery Notes

Take hardwood cuttings in winter or, as I do, graft late winter onto rootstocks of the type species.


A stunningly beautiful tree, soft, clear and clean golden feathery foliage that does not burn in the sun. Lovely natural pyramidical shape that lends itself to specimen planting. It is impossible to give an accurate height because there are no trees over about 20-25 years old as far as I am aware. Even the ordinary type species was not found until 1949 as it was thought to be extinct, hence the alternative common name of 'The Living Fossil' tree. One of the few coniferous trees that loses it leaves (needles) in winter, whereupon it reveals beautiful cinnamon coloured bark. Highly recommended.

This plant was added to the database on 21st December, 2009.

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