The Plantsman Plantsman's Corner Selected hardy plants from around the world. Sown, grown and grafted in North Yorkshire. tel 07707 694310
Proprietor: Malcom Hockham

How to Reach Us

Plantsman's Corner is situated on the edge of the village of Barningham, opposite the Milbank Arms public house.

There are two roads into Barningham off the A66 about 8 miles west of Scotch Corner, (the first is via the village of Newsham) as you enter the village the nursery is on your left hand side just before the pub.

The second is an offshoot of the Brignall Road at Greta Bridge turning left before you cross the river and reach the Morritt Arms Hotel. Following the lane for a couple of miles you will reach a T junction. In front of you will be a green with a stone circle in the field beyond. Turn left and the nursery is on your right hand side just after the pub.


Opening Times of the Nursery

From April 2010, Plantsman's Corner is open twice a month throughout the summer April – October on the first and third Sundays of those months 10am – 5pm. In the meantime, collection of plants etc. can be done by arrangement.

Appointments can be accommodated outside these times by arrangement.

Or plants can be collected from either Plantsman's Corner or Eggleston Hall Gardens.
Eggleston is open 7 days a week 10am – 5pm.



Plants can be reserved without cost or payment for 14 days, no longer. I have reserved plants in the past and at the end of the year been left with dozens of plants left uncollected that could have been sold many times over, which is annoying for other potential customers and costly for me.


Is freely given and Information will be available at the information point within Plantsmans Corner.


Are welcome if kept on a lead and well behaved and the owner picks up any shite they produce.


As dogs, though lead not essential if well behaved.


Remember Plantsmans corner is a small working nursery and garden. It is not a playground and has no whiz-bangs for excitable little snotnoses. There is a green in the village for running about on and a moor at the top of the village for flying kites and stuff.

Additional note

Apologies if I sound a miserable old sod... I'm not (really!)... Just straight about things from the start so we all know where we stand, experience has taught me where areas of contention lie….prime example being "How much for cash?"... Answer: Same as for cheque, card, euros, or Krugers...!

Plantsman's Corner
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